Welcome to Savant Distribution's

Offline Vendor Order Center
using Purchase Order/Invoice


1. Obtain the titles of books, CDs, DVDs and/or merchandise you wish to order:

For the latest listing of our products including OFFLINE (P.O./Invoice) prices, consult our current catalog by clicking on the "Catalog" tab at the top of this page

2. Make out a company purchase order and email to "savantdistribution@gmail.com" or FAX to 808-941-3927. Be sure your Purchase Order includes
     a) Business Name;
     b) Purchase Order Number;
     c) Date of order;
     b) Name, email and phone number of person responsible for placing order;
     e) Complete "Ship to" address incl the name of any contact person (ATTN: ___) to whom the order should be directed;
     f) list of titles and the number of each title you want;
     g) any special instructions

3. We will acknowledge your purchase order by email by sending you a mockup invoice for your approval

4. After receiving your email approval, we will ship your order AND email you a complete interim invoice due and payable within 60 days

5. If you sell all the products or choose not to return any unsold products, treat the interim invoice as the final invoice and please send payment as instructed on the invoice on or before 60 days after the invoice date

6. If you choose to return unsold products, please follow instructions on the interim invoice, and, upon receipt of return goods, we will modify and send you a final invoice due and payable within 30 days.

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