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Client Center

If you are the author, musician, video producer or publisher of one or more books, CDs or DVDs that you would like Savant Distribution to distribute, you will need to apply for an Author/Publisher/Producer Client Account and provide a sample of the product(s) you would like us to distribute.

Products not printed or produced by Savant Books and Publications are called "Savant-Select" products to distinguish them from Savant Books and Publications/Aignos Publishing works. Client works are distributed to jobbers, distributors and retailers alongside Savant Books and Publications/Aignos Publishing works, and are listed with and sold at Savant Bookstore Honolulu and other Savant Bookstores worldwide.

"Savant-Select" means exactly that. We carefully inspect and select only those works we feel meet the same literary and product quality requirements as our own, and that we feel we can successfully market. 

For more information and instructions regarding establishing a Savant Distribution Client Account, send us an email indicating your interest in becoming a "Savant Distribution Client" to 

(replace "X" with "@")

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